How I Went From 4K to 36K Daily Pinterest Viewers In 30 Days On A Brand New Blog

How to grow your Pinterest views and increase your blog traffic fast


How To Grow Your Pinterest Views

When I launched my blog last month, I was scared. I read a lot of inspirational stories from bloggers who took the leap and found success and once I finally got on the other side of my own fear I hit publish. In my first month, the majority of my blog traffic came from Pinterest. This wasn't much of a surprise since I had implemented systems to increase my Pinterest reach. My Pinterest views grew from 4,300 to 36,000 in the first 30 days of my brand new blog


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How to grow Pinterest on a new blog - exponential pinterest growth quickly


How I grew my Pinterest reach exponentially: 


1. I added descriptive keywords to my name and bio

My Pinterest profile name used to say Brittany Olson. It now says Brittany Olson - Blogging Tips + Online Selling. Those keywords let people know what I do right away which helps my ideal audience find me.

My bio used to simply say blogger, entrepreneur. I now add descriptive keywords to my Pinterest bio and often change my bio to promote a current download or freebie. For example, my bio currently says tips for selling digital & physical products online. Grab my list of wholesalers to find high-quality clothing for your online boutique. 


2. I used Tailwind to schedule my pins

Tailwind App is a powerful Pinterest scheduling tool. I started using Tailwind on July 31st. My Pinterest views spiked the next day which lead to a spike in traffic to my website as well. My email list also spiked and I've been getting a larger number of subscribers to my list ever since. Try scheduling your pins with Tailwind App and see the result. The first 100 pins are free! 

How to grow email subscribers with Pinterest - Convertkit email subscriber growth

3. I Started Using Board Booster

Once I started using the looping tool provided by Board Booster, my traffic and subscribers grew even more. I implemented Board Booster's looping tool on August 8 and as you can see in my screenshot, my subscribers grew quite a bit after that! I love the looping tool because it repins your old pins but continues to clean your boards so you don't have multiples on your board. Board Booster is only $5 a month - and well worth it! 


4. I Joined Pinterest Group Boards 

I joined group boards relevant to my target audience and started sharing my blog posts on those Pinterest group boards. Wondering how to find Pinterest group boards relevant to your niche? Visit Pingroupie for a directory of Pinterest group boards.


Did implementing these tips help you increase your Pinterest views + blog traffic?

Let us know in the comments :)



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Online Boutique Owners : The Legal Stuff You Need To Start An Online Shop

How do you start an online boutique?

One of the first steps you need to take is making sure you are legally operating your online storefront. Some things you may need for an online shop include a sellers permit, business license, terms of service and federal tax i.d. (EIN). 

Boutique Launch Checklist for Obtaining Your Business Licenses, Finding Wholesalers, and Choosing an Ecommerce Platform


Here is a checklist of things you may need to do when you launch your online boutique:


CHOOSE A Business Name

Search your state directory to find a unique business name for your boutique. You will need to register your business name.


Choose Your Business Structure

Decide whether your boutique with operate as a Sole Proprietor with a DBA (doing business as), LLC (limited liability company), or Corporation. Read more about business structures here.


Obtain A Federal Tax ID (EIN)

The IRS requires you to have an EIN (Employer Identification Number) if your business retains employees or if you operate your business as a corporation or a partnership. 


Get a Seller Permit

A seller permit could also be called a resale permit, reseller license or something else depending on your state. This type of permit is required by any business selling merchandise. 


Determine your brand & ideal customer

Determine what type of clothing you will sell and who your target audience is. Design your brand to reflect your style and attract your target market. 


find Inventory

Finding wholesale clothing is something you will need to do before launching an online boutique. Reliable, high-quality inventory is something you will have to search for. Make sure the clothing you select aligns with your brand and target audience.


purchase a Domain Name

Select a domain name that includes your business name and keywords. For example the word "boutique" or "shop" would be a helpful keyword to include in your domain name. 


choose an E-commerce Platform

Choose an ecommerce platform for your online boutique. Compare selling platforms to find one that is customizable with the most capabilities. Click here to read about my favorite ecommerce platform.


Online Courses for Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Infopreneurs

Disclaimer: this blog post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through my links. This helps me keep this blog running and offer you more valuable information. Thanks for your support!!


Online business courses are a great way to educate yourself and learn new skills to grow your business. Online courses are becoming more popular- and why not? - isn't it awesome that you can learn new skills from the comfort of your couch?

List of 20 awesome online courses for entrepreneurs, bloggers and infopreneurs all priced under $250

This list includes online courses for social media, online marketing, launching a product, online finance courses, legal courses, online graphic design courses and more.


Online Social Media Courses


Unlock the Power of Pinterest With Melanie Duncan

In this 46 module course, Melanie will describe how you can use Pinterest to effectively communicate your company's mission. Learn how to select content that supports your brand, attract your ideal audience and learn monetizing strategies. Also learn about watermakrs and other tools to protect your unique voice and intellectual property. 


Social Media Bootcamp With CC Chapman, Kim Garst, Ariel Hyatt and Amber Naslund

Learn the best practices to align your social media strategy in this in-depth course. This course contains 38 video lessons plus exclusive bonus content. Register for this online course to receive lifetime access to the course materials.


Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses With Sue B. Zimmerman

This online course gives you lifetime access to 29 video lessons plus exclusive bonus content. In this course, marketing expert Sue B. Zimmerman will teach you how to use Instagram to brand your business. This course teaches how to turn followers into customers, how to use hashtags and how to share content across platforms.


Online Finance Courses


Personal Finance for Artists and Freelancers With Galia Gichon

Lifetime access to 37 video lessons plus bonus content. This online finance course covers how to create healthy financial habits, dealing with debt, how to increase your credit score, mutual funds and retirement investments, life insurance, and estate planning.


Fund Your Business For Growth With Susan Schreter

Course topics include debt vs equity, microloans and other lending sources, finding venture capitalist investors and crowdfunding. Topics are covered through 23 video lessons and exclusive bonus materials all with lifetime access. 


Communication Courses


Master Your People Skills With Vanessa Van Edwards

This 30 day course includes 31 video lessons plus bonus content with lifetime access. Learn how to command respect and supercharge your first impression, attract more clients, avoid awkward interactions, deal with difficult people and become a master conversationalist. This course has 100% satisfaction rating.


Legal Business Courses


Legal Survival Guide With Craig Heidemann

Register for this online course and gain lifetime access to 32 course videos plus exclusive bonus content. Course topics covered include business structures, copyright and infringement, licensing and transferring, accounting, bookkeeping, health insurance and retirement planning.


Protect and Profit from Your Intellectual Property With Rachel Rodgers

Learn about licensing your work, protecting your copyright and trademarks, conducting an IP audit and creating an amazing brand name. Includes 13 video lessons plus bonus materials with lifetime access. 


Courses for Infopreneurs


Power Your Podcast With Alex Blumberg

Learn how to authentically and emotionally connect with your audience with this 21 module course. This course teaches how to develop your narrative instincts, how to prepare the interview to get the best answer, elements of a good interview, the story formula and how to create a script with music.


Building Your Audience with Live Video with Casey Zeman

In this course you will learn the different types of live video platforms, steps to getting more engagement, how to create lighting for a home studio, how to create a google hangout, how to market your online events, and how to automate your webinars.


How to Write and Publish An Ebook WIth Tara Gentile

This is a five day course with actionable steps to plan and outline your ebook. At the end of the five days you will be ready to hit publish. This course includes 18 video lessons and exclusive bonus content available with lifetime access. Learn how to choose your idea for an ebook, outline your ebook and format and edit an ebook. This course also teaches how to publish an ebook and how to market your ebook to the public. 


Courses on Pricing Products


Make More Money and Discover Your Worth With Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles

Learn how to value your hard work and stop getting in your own way. Enjoy 28 video lessons plus exclusive bonus content with lifetime access to all material. Topics include how to price yourself, how to bring in better clients, promoting your brand and identifying unconscious ways you've been driving money away.


Value Pricing and Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs With Tara Gentile

This online business course includes 33 video lessons plus bonus content with lifetime access. Topics covered include understanding your customer, how and when to change your prices, brand association, sales cycles and business models.


Online Marketing and Sales Courses


Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients With Michael Port

This intensive online course includes lifetime access to 19 video lessons plus bonus materials. Course topics include how to find your ideal client, understanding your client's needs, brand development and sales strategies.


Effective Email Marketing With Jeff Goins

22 video lessons and exclusive bonus content about how to start building your email list, how to create sign up forms and call to actions, how to measure engagements and selling to your email list. 


Double Your Followers With Creative Marketing With April Bowles-Olin

This comprehensive online course includes 30 video lessons plus bonus content. Learn about the psychology of marketing, the power of video, how to create shareable headlines, basin email marketing and how to build you social media following on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope.  This course has excellent reviews and a 100% satisfaction rating. 


Online Photography Courses


Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp With Julia Kelleher

Intensive photography course teaching how to operate a successful photography business. Topics include creating customer service experiences, efficient booking procedures, product offerings, images and ordering processes, file archiving techniques, post-processing and back-up systems, and marketing systems. Course includes 36 video lessons with lifetime access, freebies, coupon codes and an exclusive facebook group.


Creative Cloud Courses


Adobe Photoshop 101 With Ben Willmore

Adobe Photoshop for beginners teaches Photoshop basics including how to enhance hair, eyes and lips in portraits, how to merge multiple images, how to correct the exposure of photos and how to use layers, masks and filters. This beginner course includes lifetime access to 48 video lessons plus bonus content available from desktop, mobile and tablet.


Adobe Illustrator: Essentials for Creating Projects With Brian Wood

56 video lessons plus bonus content teaching how to transform your artwork with Illustrator. This course teaches how to use layers, special effects and transformation tools. Experiment with color, gradients, masks and other capabilities in Illustrator.


Adobe InDesign for Beginners With Erica Gamet

This online course includes 26 video lessons and bonus content with lifetime access to course materials. Learn how to use Adobe InDesign and work with text, images and color. You'll learn basic design skills to create professional magazine layouts, newsletters and flyers. 


13 Free Tools To Help Grow Your Online Business



Hi there! During nap time today I put together a list of free tools for online business owners and bloggers to grow their business

This list includes tools for simple graphic design, photo editing, link management, website traffic, time tracking, team task trackers and more.


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Best Ecommerce Platform for an Online Boutique

Ecommerce platform for your online boutique

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. I only promote products I have found success with and trust 100%


What is the best ecommerce platform for your online boutique?

Shopify is always one of the top answers for this question. I use Shopify for my online store and couldn't be happier with its abilities. I can easily customize my storefront and link my store to my social media account so I can sell on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. 

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platform because of all its advanced capabilities. Not convinced? Forbes wrote an article about how Shopify is an awesome ecommerce platform because it is very user friendly and easy to customize to the brand of your business. Seriously. I chose Shopify for my online store because a) I wanted a beautiful store front and b) I needed a user-friendly interface.

These are just a few of the of the awesome ecommerce features your online store will have with the Shopify selling platform:

100+ professional themes

Shopify offers more than 100 themes created by world-renowned designers so your website can look beautiful and professional.

Mobile commerce ready

Every online shopify store includes a built-in mobile shopping cart so your products can be purchased from any mobile phone or tablet.

Blogging platform

Write blog posts and share product photos on your Shopify blog to engage your customers and make more sales.

Social media integration

Add social media accounts to Shopify and start selling on Pinterest with buyable pins, sell on Twitter with the bug now feature and integrate your products into a Facebook shop to start selling products on your Facebook page.

Gift cards

Your customers are able to purchase gift cards as a gift for others. Also use gift cards to issue store credit when handling returns.

Traffic and Referral Reports

View reports showing visitor information and track where your visitors come from and how they found your online store.

So which Shopify plan is best for your online boutique? I recommend the Shopify plan which is currently priced at $79 per month. It has some essential capabilities that the basic Shopify plan does not offer including gift cards and abandoned cart recovery. 

Why does your store need gift cards?

I issue gift cards as store credit to customers who wish to return an item if it is beyond a certain amount of time. This ensures that my store will not lose the sale and will encourage the customer to make another purchase of their choice. Everyone wins. I also love gift cards because they can be purchased as gifts. The customized gift card is sent directly through email.

Why does your Shopify store need abandoned cart recovery?

 Customers won't always make a purchase on their first visit. Or they may leave their browser open while they make a final decision about purchasing. If they return to your website to find their cart is now empty then their mind has been made up for them. Shopify tracks how many items are placed in carts and if carts are being abandoned. I have had customers return to make a purchase that sat in their cart for a long period of time. This capability has been essential in completing sales.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started with Shopify today and enjoy a FREE 14 day trial