How I Grew My Email List From 0 to 5,500 Subscribers In 4 Months

How To Grow Your Email List From Scratch - I Grew My Email Subscribers From 0 to 5500 In 4 Months

This is a glimpse into the first 4 months of my online business and blog. 


Month 1 - Subscribers gained: 894

I didn't make any money from my blog in the first month. I used this time to focus on growing my email list by setting up a landing page with an opt in. My opt in was specific to my niche which brought in targeted subscribers for my list. 


Month 2 - Subscribers gained: 1,573

In month two I launch a digital product and included affiliate links in my blog posts. I added a call to action for my email opt in to additional places on my blog. 


Month 3 -  Subscribers gained: 2,090

My list continued growing at an average of 68 new subscribers each day in my third month. I continued bringing my ideal audience to my blog by posting blog entries relevant to my niche. This means almost everyone on my list is part of my ideal customer (*high five*). 


Month 4 - Subscribers gained this month: 1,916

In the fourth month of my online business and blog, I launched an online course and wrote more blog entries some which featured affiliate links.


4 months after launching my blog I am consistently adding

60 new subscribers to my email list every day

and I have grown my monthly blog page views to 30,000!


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