Aryana, Weekend Witches Boutique

"To be honest, the boutique bootcamp was the only way I was able to launch my own boutique this year. The step by step instructions were so easy to follow and boom! I was open for business.

I decided to purchase the wholesaler master list because I didn't know which wholesalers were quality and trustworthy. I didn't want to waste my money purchasing inventory that would be embarrassing to sell. I've used this list religiously."

Aryana Khanzadeh, Weekend Witches Boutique, www.weekendwitches.com




"I am now six months into this venture and my business is much more successful than I would have ever expected it to be this early in the game. The wholesaler list opened so many other doors to additional vendors that I never imagined I would find. I feel like I offer comparable pieces to some of the really popular online boutiques! I am forever thankful to Brittany and her resources."

Sydney Schwartz, Cypress Boutique, www.shopcypressboutique.com

Sydney, Cypress Boutique



Mary Scott, Georgia Street Boutique

"I was 15 years old when I decided to open up my online boutique. I was so confused and had no clue what I was doing legally and how to set up a successful website to drive business. However, when I discovered Brittany Olson's awesome Boutique Bootcamp, it helped me set up my business, which is currently just under 1 year old and thriving!"

Mary Scott Dieterich, Georgia Street Boutique, www.georgiastreetboutique.com



"When I first wanted to start my business I am not going to lie I was scared, didn’t know where to start and I came across Brittany's website and it changed my whole mindset and a gave me the tools I needed to get started through the boutique bootcamp series. I became more confident and had a blueprint to help along the way. Brittany Olson you are awesome! My online boutique is up and running and staying consistent!"

LeShundia, Junella Gems Boutique, www.junellagemsboutique.com

LeShundia, Junella Gems Boutique



The Modern Mamanista Shop

"We bought Brittany's wholesaler resource list and did the 14-day boutique bootcamp!  Hitting "buy now" on the wholesale list was scary... and exciting... and scary! It was the first step in making our boutique dreams a reality. The bootcamp series gave us the confidence and knowledge to finally make the jump to open up an online boutique. We started small and decided that's okay, the most important thing was to start! 6 months later we're hitting our groove! We may not be the biggest boutique out there but we're loving every minute of it and we're so grateful to Brittany for helping give us the resources and motivation to go for it!"

Aimee, Sarah, & Liz, The Modern Mamanista, www.ShopTMM.com