Anatomy Of A Blog Post - Elements Every Blog Post Should Have

How to write a viral blog post that will be shared on social media and convert to get more sign ups and sales


This post will break down the different components that make up a viral, content-rich blog post that converts. Below is an example of how a blog post could be written based on the template above:


Enticing Title

Example: How To Write A Viral Blog Post Your Readers Will Share

The reader will click if they want to learn how to write a blog post or learn how to make a post shareable so it will go viral.



Eye-catching image

Use Canva to create an image to be shared on social media. Put text over the image to grab attention and make your image more shareable. 

How to create an shareable blog post image that will go viral. How to write a blog post and important elements of a blog post.




Summarize what this blog post is about



Bullet Points

  • Reasons why your readers need to know this information
  • Why readers need to learn about this
  • List reasons and give examples



Call To Action

(Optional. Sometimes used for long blog posts. More info about CTAs below.)




This is the section where you teach your audience what you summarized above



Actionable Tips

Here is where you give your readers actionable tips about how they can put this content to use. This is where you teach what you summarized above. This is where you tell them exactly how to do something.



Call To Action

This is where you make money from this post.

Put an affiliate link or banner here. Insert a link to your products or services. Collect email addresses.