How To Start A Blog Cheap

How to start a blog cheap. The easy affordable way to start blogging.

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Blogging is a great way to make extra money. You can work when you want and work from the comfort of your home. One downfall though is that it can be expensive to get your blog started. It can be hard to take the leap when you have to make a large investment upfront.

This post is for beginning bloggers who don’t want to spend hundreds to start their blog. It’s possible to start a blog for as little as $12, giving you the opportunity to write posts, create content, and grow your audience without investing a ton of money.

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Click here to sign up for hosting and then follow along with the tutorial :)

Step 1. Choose Your Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, keep these questions in mind:

Is it too long? Choose a domain name that is memorable. I don't suggest using a domain name with hyphens or too many numbers. 

Is it meaningful? Select a domain name that reflects your brand and personality. 

Is this name available on social media? Make sure a username that is similar to your website name is available on social media platforms. It's easier for people to find you when your name is the same or very similar across all platforms.

Has it been trademarked? Make sure your domain name hasn't been trademarked by another business. You can do a basic word mark search here.

Step 2. Choose Your Web Hosting Service

I recommend GoDaddy for new bloggers because it is a reliable and affordable option perfect for those who are starting a blog from scratch and don't have a ton of traffic. GoDaddy offers web hosting for $1 per month plus a free domain name. This offer gives you web hosting for $1 per month for the entire first year, meaning you will only pay $12 to start your blog today.

There are other hosting platforms that are reliable and that I would recommend once you grow your blog and have a large amount of traffic.

For the purpose of this tutorial I will be going through the steps of getting started with this hosting because it is the most affodable option which makes it ideal for those just starting out. 



Click here to get hosting for $1 per month + get a FREE DOMAIN

Follow the link above ^ to sign up for website hosting for $1 per month for the first year.


After you've completed your purchase, sign into your account and go to your products page. Then click on manage under web hosting.




Get a free domain when you sign up



Select a location for your data center

Website hosting in the United States



Create Usernames For Your cPanel and Wordpress Website

Create A Login
Create A Wordpress Website



Step 3. Install Wordpress


Go Back To Your Dashboard and Click On Wordpress Under Web Applications

Click On Wordpress Under Web Applications



Install The Wordpress Application

Install the Wordpress application in Go daddy



Enter your information and click install at the bottom of the page

Install wordpress



Sign in to your hosting account

Sign into your hosting account



Click Manage

Click manage to manage your hosting account



Under the Installatron, look for your domain name followed by wp-admin

login to wordpress


Go to yourdomain/wp-admin to access your wordpress dashboard

*Important* Once your hosting account is up and running, yourdomain/wp-admin is where you will login to edit your website. Bookmark this page for logging in.

Wordpress Dashboard





Step 4. Install The Genesis Framework

This is an optional step, although highly recommended. The majority of professional bloggers I follow online use the Genesis Framework for their wordpress blog. The reason for this is that it is incredibly user friendly and has an attractive, organized appearance. 

Benefits of Genesis:

  • SEO Optimized

  • HTML5

  • Airtight Security

  • Instant Updates

  • Easy Customization (without sacrificing speed)

  • Custom widgets and Custom Layouts

Click here to get Genesis Framework 



Once you've download the genesis framework, you will need to upload it to your dashboard. Click on Appearance > Themes > Add New and upload the genesis framework folder. 

wordpress genesis framework




You will see an alert telling you to install a child theme for the genesis framework

how to install genesis child theme


Here are some recommedations on where to buy a beautifull genesis child theme:

Restored 316 Designs 

Pretty Darn Cute Designs

Creative Market



Upload the folder for your child theme

upload child theme.png





Click the activate button on your child theme to put it to use

start a wordpress blog with genesis feminine theme


 Now you have a beautiful blog! I recommend writing a 3 to 5 blog posts before posting on social media. That way when someone clicks over to your website they have enough content to keep them engaged for a while. I also suggest monetizing your blog posts with affiliate links!


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