How To Start an online tshirt shop with dropshipping

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3 ways to start an online t-shirt shop


1. Find Wholesalers & Start An Online Store


I'm not going to go in to detail about this here because I have other posts about how to find wholesalers and how to start your own shop. Here are just a few posts you may want to check out:




2. Use dropshippers


Dropshipping works like this: 

  1. You feature a distributor's product in your shop
  2. A customer order's that product
  3. The distributor sends the product directly to your customer on your behalf


Dropshipping Pros

  • You don't have to invest in inventory 
  • Access to thousands of products
  • Save time and scale business quickly
  • Affordable start up costs

Dropshipping Cons

  • You have to trust a third-party with your products
  • Possibility of logistical error 



3. Design your own clothing

Printful makes it easy to put your designs on products such as tshirts, mugs, leggings and dresses. Upload your designs to products of your choice. Printful will fulfill your orders with on-demand printing and will use dropshipping to send products directly to your customers.

How does Printful work?

1. Upload a design to one of the many products offered in the Printful catalog (shirts, mugs, blankets, etc)

2. Publish the product to your ecommerce platform or other sales channel

3. When an order is placed, Printful will print your design on the product you selected

4. Printful ships the product directly to your customer

You can create a new storefront with Printful or link your existing store. Printful syncs with most ecommerce platforms making it east to seamlessly fulfill orders. Printful will link to your ecommerce website for free. You pay Printful for products only when an order is placed.

Click here for my Printful tutorial


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