How my pins get 450,000 monthly views

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How to grow your Pinterest followers and grow your Pinterest views. How my pins get a ton of views.
My Pinterest growth has helped increase my blog views to more than 30,000 in only a few months

Using Pinterest for my business made a HUGE difference!

How To Grow Your Pinterest Views

When I launched my blog this fall, I was scared. I read a lot of inspirational stories from bloggers who took the leap and found success and once I finally got on the other side of my own fear I hit publish. In my first month, the majority of my blog traffic came from Pinterest. This wasn't much of a surprise since I had implemented systems to increase my Pinterest reach. My Pinterest views grew to 250,000+ in the first 60 days of my brand new blog

I now get an average of 20,000 Pinterest impressions every single day! That's huge for me. Pinterest now accounts for about 70% of my website traffic and has helped grow my page views to 20,000 per month in the third month of my blog!


How I grew my Pinterest reach: 


1. I added descriptive keywords to my name and bio

My Pinterest profile name used to say Brittany Olson. It now says Brittany Olson - Blogging Tips + Online Selling. Those keywords let people know what I do right away which helps my ideal audience find me. I will often change my name to reach new viewers and see what attracts the most people.

My bio used to simply say blogger, entrepreneur. I now add descriptive keywords to my Pinterest bio and often change my bio to promote a current download or freebie. For example, my bio currently says tips for selling digital & physical products online. Grab my list of wholesalers to find high-quality clothing for your online boutique. 


2. I used Tailwind to schedule my pins

Tailwind App is a powerful Pinterest scheduling tool. I started using Tailwind on July 31st. My Pinterest views spiked the next day which lead to a spike in traffic to my website as well. My email list also spiked and I've been getting a larger number of subscribers to my list ever since. Try scheduling your pins with Tailwind App and see the result. The first 100 pins are free! 


3. I Started Using Board Booster

Once I started using the looping tool provided by Board Booster, my traffic and subscribers grew even more. I implemented Board Booster's looping tool on August 8 and as you can see in my screenshot, my subscribers grew quite a bit after that! I love the looping tool because it repins your old pins but continues to clean your boards so you don't have multiples on your board. Board Booster is only $5 a month - and well worth it! 


4. I Joined Pinterest Group Boards 

I joined group boards relevant to my target audience and started sharing my blog posts on those Pinterest group boards. Wondering how to find Pinterest group boards relevant to your niche? Visit Pingroupie for a directory of Pinterest group boards.


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