5 awesome ways to make money from home

Work from home business ideas. Blogging, etsy shop, online boutique, network marketing, mystery shopping.


1. Network Marketing

Network marketing is evolving. What once was a business requiring door-to-door sales has become a business that can be operated at home from your computer. The key is to find products you believe in and actually work network marketing like a business. 


2. Mystery Shopping

Secret shopping is a great way to make extra cash. I have done mystery shops for several different companies. I love the flexibility of creating my own schedule. You can bring kids with you for most mystery shops which make it very easy to do a secret shop at places you already plan on going to. Some companies offer regular shops at my grocery store, hardware store, pizza place and restaurants. Most shops pay $5-$15 and provide you with a free meal or free purchase. 

Here is a compiled a list of companies looking for mystery shoppers. Not all the companies on this list are active in your area as some only work in certain areas of the U.S. but there are 87 on the list. You will definitely be able to find several secret shopping companies offering mystery shops so you can start making money as a mystery shopper right away! Click here to grab the list


3. Sell your handmade items

The best place to sell your handmade items is Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace of handmade stuff, art supplies and vintage finds. If you enjoy making jewelry, sewing, knitting or creating digital art, you should create a storefront on Etsy. At one point in my business I tested out selling handmade wedding invitations on Etsy. The result was great- I listed the mockup invitation I made with detailed photos and had someone make a purchase the very next day! I also sold vintage items on Etsy for a long period of time. It started out as a test but after making $1k in my first month I kept the shop open!


4. Start a blog

Blogging has changed my life. It allows me to spend more time with my family while making a full time income online. Check out this post to learn how to start a blog for $1


5. Open an online boutique

Selling clothing online is a great way to make money from home while working your own hours and being your own boss. If this has been a dream of yours be sure to check out the free wholesaler list to help you get started.