Blogging As A Full-time Business


Blogging can be a full-time business. The key is to understand the different ways to make money blogging. I educated myself a ton before diving in and it definitely paid off. Before this I owned multiple businesses but my online businesses have been the most enjoyable and given me the most freedom.

I didn't want to stop at online selling. I believed that I could find a way to bring in multiple streams of income online. I educated myself like crazy. I did constant research and invested thousands in online courses.

If you own an online business and you aren't blogging, you should be.

If you think it's impossible to make money from a blog, you're wrong.

I'm doing it. My blog makes $5,000+ per month in passive income from affiliate marketing.

How to make passive income online as a blogger. How to grow blogging income with affiliate marketing.


The key to A successful blog?

Create content. Create valuable content. And never stop creating valuable content. I have several free downloads available on my site. I offer free online courses. I write informational blog posts and tutorials that are valuable to my audience. It's important to give value to your audience so they come back to your blog, share your content, and subscribe to your email list. 


How Do Bloggers make money?

My business has multiple income streams. I make money from affiliate income, digital products/courses and physical products. There are many different ways a blogger can make money.



How to Make Money Blogging


Affiliate Income

By month 6 of my business I had grown my affiliate income to about $3k/mo and it has continued to be consistent. Affiliate marketing continues to make up for the majority of my monthly income.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products and services on your website. When someone clicks your affiliate link or ad and makes a purchase through that unique link, you make a commission of the sale. Promotion may be done through relevant banners/ads or in a blog post about the product/service. The key to affiliate marketing success is promoting relevant affiliates.


Digital Products

Digital downloads such as ebooks, printables, fonts, and stock photos are a great way to add an income stream to your business. The best thing about digital products is once it's created you continue to make money from it. This passive income model is a time saver. With the right systems in place, you can make digital sales on autopilot while away from your computer.


Physical products

If you own an online shop, I suggest connecting it with your blog. Use your blog to drive traffic to your store or feature your products directly on your blog with a buy it now button. Starting an online boutique or dropshipping business are both great ways to make an income online.


Online Courses

The online education industry is blowing up. The online learning industry brought in $107 billion in 2015. It has continued to increase and is projected to triple within the next decade.

You can create your own online course. You have something to teach. You have a skill others wish they had. Creating your own online course is arguably the most successful way to monetize your blog. 



Grow Your Blog Into A Business


Grow your traffic

It's not just about getting traffic. It's about getting the right traffic. You have to attract your audience. The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Pinterest has done amazing things for my business. It's also important to work on your search engine optimization so your website will show up in search results.


Build your audience

Once someone stumbles onto your website, you need to keep them. Building an email list gives you a way to stay in contact with your people. Offering freebies or coupons in exchange for an email address is a great way to build your list of targeted subscribers. Your email subscribers will be your biggest fans and supporters.