Lily Belle Boutique Is Helping Animals Find Their FURever Home

This boutique owner gives to charities that support animal adoption
Molly Pennino, Lily Belle Boutique Owner

Molly Pennino, Lily Belle Boutique Owner

Q&A with Molly, owner of

Lily Belle Boutique


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What do you sell in your shop?

I sell mostly tops and dresses! I have jewelry, a few skirts and jumpsuits but I’m hoping to expand into shoes and handbags as well! The styles I specialize in are contemporary!


How long have you been running your shop?

Less than a year! I opened at the end of July 2017 :)


What is your favorite thing about running a boutique business?

My favorite thing about running my boutique is connecting women with styles they love! My customers are always telling me how many compliments they get on their purchases and that makes me so happy!


What has been the biggest obstacle in running your business?

The biggest obstacle in running my boutique has been continued growth on social platforms. I feel stuck with my number of followers!


What advice do you have for aspiring boutique owners?

Don’t let anyone discourage you from following your dreams! If you can’t stop thinking about it, just do it!


What has been your biggest business accomplishment?

My biggest business accomplishment has been being able to donate every month to a different animal shelter since I opened! I donate a portion of every order to local animal shelters because I believe every animal deserves the chance to feel love and live a happy life!


Molly with her dog Lily who the boutique is named after :)

Molly with her dog Lily who the boutique is named after :)



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